Incident Management

Birmingham HOG Chapter In Case of Emergency (ICE) program identified by an ICE sticker on the helmet and ICE Card kept on the person, enables first responders, i.e. emergency services to be informed of important medical or support information of a rider or pillion that has been involved in an incident. The card provides details which includes:

  • name

  • address & post code

  • date of birth

  • medical history e.g. diabetes, asthma, angina, and medication.

Additionally, download an I.C.E. application on your mobile telephone. There are many free versions for both android & apple. It can help in case your family needs to be contacted, medical history, doctor information and allergies.

Accident Report application from Google Play, lets you create an accident report (a PDF file) in a simple and organised way, as required by insurance companies and the police, without missing important details during an accident situation.

  • Draw a sketch of the vehicles damage by an easy to use, three-dimensional vehicle model which supports multiple vehicle types.

  • Take pictures of the event.

  • Get a satellite map of your exact location.

  • Fill in the details (personal information, licenses, insurance, etc.) of those involved in an accident.

  • Add casualties and witnesses details to the report.

  • Share your relevant personal details in a click of a button.

  • Create, view and send an elegant accident report with all the necessary information in just a few seconds.

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