Pre Ride Briefing

The Lead Road Captain will conduct a briefing prior to beginning each ride. The Tail Rider, Sweep Rider and any other road crew assigned to the Middle section will be identified. The destination and route will be reviewed along with a discussion of any traffic or safety hazards that may be encountered along the route.

Essential ride procedures (key hand signals, lane changes, formation changes, etc.) will be reviewed as required.

The Lead Road Captain will read the H.O.G. Disclaimer:

You are deemed to be in control of and responsible for your vehicle and your riding at all times, irrespective of any guidance or instruction from any member of the road crew.

You must at all times, ride within the law and obey road traffic regulations.


Communication within the group is an essential component of group safety. This is accomplished using limited hand signals to avoid confusion and include single file, staggered formation and second man drop.


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